A smarter, kinder collections approach

Simplifying the collection process

There are two reasons New World Collections is particularly effective at collecting what’s owed to you as quickly as possible while protecting your hard-earned reputation.

The first is we hire kind people. Instead of making people feel worse about their situation, they help them find the way out.

The second is we use a simple, straightforward process making it much easier and faster for you to place accounts with us and track our progress.


We’ll connect you with one of our experienced account specialists for fast, seamless onboarding. They’ll arrange a one-on-one training session so you can immediately start using our real-time gateway. And they’ll be available whenever you have questions or need help.


You’ll quickly place accounts with us through our easy-to-use real-time gateway. Whether you’re entering a single account or as many as 5,000, it’s a fast process, so you can put us to work right away and get back to everything else you have to do.


We know the older past-due accounts become, the harder they are to collect. So instead of waiting like most collection services providers, we act within 24 hours, initiating the steps you prefer, which may include:

  • Bankruptcy scrubs
  • Social Security number scrubs
  • Address forwarding
  • Letters
  • Calls
  • Credit reporting
  • Litigation
  • Resolving disputes


We work closely with you to ensure successful debt collection and a positive financial outcome for everyone involved. That includes clear communication and ongoing support at every step of the process.

It’s easy to start putting our process to work for you. Contact Us