How long has New World Collections been in business?

We’ve been helping people recover debts since 1997.

What industries and institutions does New World Collections collect for?

Our team has experience in collections for a wide range of organizations.

How does debt collection work?

We’ve developed a process that has proven very effective. From your viewpoint, it’s easy, because we do all the work and deal with all the issues for you.

Aren’t all debt collectors the same?

Sadly, no. We’ve discovered remembering an account’s dignity and respecting the person behind the debt is particularly effective. So nobody yells, or threatens, or harasses. And we hope some of our competitors learn from our success.

What makes you different from all the others?

We didn’t grow up wanting to collect debt. It’s something you kind of fall into because of circumstances. But when we looked around and saw what our co-workers were doing, it didn’t make sense. Most people we call are already in a tough place. Why make it worse on them? So we ignored what the supervisors told us and tried being friendly. Guess what? It worked. Then we realized we didn’t want to be in the same room with those co-workers. That’s how we got here.


What do you look for when you hire?

Great question, simple answer: nice people. The kind of people you like to be around.

What kind of approach does your team use?

We’re friendly and respectful. Most people really don’t want to be in debt and are deeply embarrassed. Why make it worse for them by being threatening or rude? We help them find ways to pay what they owe you.

Yeah, but we have some accounts that are good at trying to use guilt …

Believe me, we’ve heard some of the best. Oh, and we got them to pay what they owed.

Do you handle Spanish-speaking accounts?

¡Sí! Our team is bilingual, so they can have friendly and effective conversations in at least two languages.


What services does New World Collections offer?

The services you need, including collections, credit reporting, skip tracing, and litigation on your behalf.

How much does it cost to place accounts with New World Collections?

We’ll be happy to discuss our compensation with you, but the most important point is you don’t pay unless we collect.

Does New World Collections report to credit agencies?

We report activity on all eligible accounts to credit reporting agencies (and we are respectful in how we report situations).

Do you collect for small businesses?

Our team has experience in collections for a wide range of organizations, and a large portion of our clients are small business owners and managers who don’t have the time or the appetite to collect.