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Our team hello takes pride in simplifying your collections activities. That’s why we’ve developed our easy-to-use real-time gateway. Whether you’re entering a single account or as many as 5,000, it’s a fast process, so you can put us to work right away and get back to everything else you have to do. And whether you need a concise summary or comprehensive details, our real-time reporting delivers information in seconds!



We’ve simplified the collection process by letting you do all this and more instantly through our real-time gateway:

Get the information you need in just seconds through your office computer or your smartphone, including:

  • Place up to 5000 accounts with just one click
  • Check account activity
  • Update contact information
  • Report payments
  • Suspend collection activity
  • Approve legal notices
  • Recovery statistics
  • Payments reports
  • Mail return status
  • Suspended accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Legal reports

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