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New World Collections is a highly reviewed Indiana based debt collection agency with many clients who have written informative testimonials regarding our debt collection services. As a prospective client, we urge you take a moment and check out our debt collection reviews.

  • Vickie T., Practice Administrator Dental Office (Kokomo, IN) indiana debt collection agency New World Collections debt recovery rate on our accounts is much better than we are used to and we never get complaints from our patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking medical debt collection services.
  • Gregory R., Practice Administrator Dental Office (Noblesville, IN) indiana debt collection agency If I had to pick one thing about New World Collections it would be the implementation of their debt collection strategy. Through automation, professionalism, and great customer service, New World Collections has made my job easier.
  • Linda S., Owner Medical Office (Indianapolis, IN) indiana debt collection agency Our medical billing company works directly with New World Collections through a website that is extremely user friendly. Their debt collection technology along with debt collection letters they mail to our patients has provided an effective means of debt recovery
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  • 4 Reasons To Outsource Your Accounts Receivable

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    Many businesses assume that they either can’t afford to outsource their accounts receivable and collections or they can effectively manage this process in house However, tasks that require lots of costly resources, specialized expertise, and are not necessarily full time such as advertising and collections are often best handled by outsourcing agencies. Collections may seem […]

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  • What are debt collectors not allowed to do?

    by New World Collections

    There are some debt collectors who use shady or illegal tactics when attempting to contact you regarding a debt. It is important to be aware of 6 common tactics debt collectors are not allowed to do: *Informing anyone other than you- Collectors cannot tell any co-workers, friends or relatives. Doing so is third party disclosure […]

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  • How to locate someone who owes you money

    by New World Collections

    In the course of collecting bad debt, sometimes part of the problem lies in having to locate someone who owes you money. As we all know, in the course of doing business you get returned mail on invoices, phone numbers are disconnected, or the person is no longer employed at their previous job. So how […]

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Our A+, complaint free BBB rating and countless client reviews tell you the whole story about New World Collections. It’s not what we say that matters, but more the very people who count on us every day to get the job done right. Whether you seek medical debt collection, dental debt collection, or any kind debt collection services, New World Collections will meet every facet of your debt collection needs.

Trust is vital to choosing a sound debt collection agency. So how can this many people and the Better Business Bureau steer you wrong? Experience the New World Way!