What are your rights when being contacted by a debt collector?

January 30th, 2016 by New World Collections

There are many debt collectors who may use deceptive tactics or blatantly break the laws to coerce you into paying a debt you owe. As a consumer owing debt and receiving contact from a debt collector, you have a multitude of rights listed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These rights, if violated, are subject to penalties/fines against the collection agency for which the debt collectors are calling from.

Below is a general starting point on what some of your rights are:

* Debt Collection Calls at Work

If a debt collector repeatedly calls you at your place of employment and you advise
him/her to stop calling you at work, they are required to cease contact. If you
continue to get more phone calls at work after advising them to cease, they
are violating the FDCPA laws.

*Disputing a debt

If you feel there is valid reason to dispute the debt and need to know specifics on
what the debt is for and why it is owed, you reserve the right to request that from
the debt collector. Once you have requested validation of the debt, the debt collector
is required to send this within 5 days of your request. You should receive documents
that include a statement/invoice from the original creditor and lists the amount you owe along with other details pertaining to the debt. Failure of the debt collector to do so is
a violation.

*Contacting your relatives or friends

Debt collectors cannot call your relatives or friends and inform them of a debt that you owe. The only purpose for which a debt collect can call them is to obtain a phone number or address for which to reach you. Should a debt collector inform your friend or relative that you owe a debt, they are in violation of your rights.

In closing, this is just a starting point for you to know some of your rights when being contacted by a debt collector. By researching the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can learn of many more rights
you have and protect yourself from possible debt collector deception and violations that are ultimately
subject to penalties under these laws.

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