What are debt collectors not allowed to do?

March 8th, 2016 by New World Collections

There are some debt collectors who use shady or illegal tactics when attempting to contact you regarding a debt.
It is important to be aware of 6 common tactics debt collectors are not allowed to do:

*Informing anyone other than you- Collectors cannot tell any co-workers, friends or relatives.
Doing so is third party disclosure and violates your rights of privacy.

*Calling outside of mandated time frame- Collectors can only call you between 8am to 9pm

*Threaten you- Collectors cannot threaten you with adverse actions that are not allowed for failure to pay.
The exception is filing a lawsuit. They can only threaten lawsuit if a lawsuit will be filed immediately.

*Use of absurd or degrading language-Collectors are advised by law to communicate without
the use of profanity or degrading language.

*Lying about consequences- Collectors cannot make up false repercussions of any sort that
they may say could happen if you do not pay.

*Show up at your residence- Debt collectors cannot come to your residence to try and collect
a debt that is owed. The only exception that some may confuse with this is repossession
of secured assets that you are not paying such as car, home, etc.

Taking action on these illegal tactics is very important because they are violating your rights and you can file lawsuit
for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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